Sale Residential, Total area 80 m2, 8 Floor, Residential Complex Мосфильмовский, Mosfilmovskaya ul 88k2s5

Name of residential complex
Primary market
Year built
Type of building
Monolith brick
Floor number

Object Description

Selling sq apartments with area of 80 sqm on 8th floor of a residential complex business-class "Mosfilmovsky", located close to the parks Setunsky reserve. New renovation in classic style using natural materials: precious wood, marble. The Windows overlook two sides: the Park and the courtyard. Ceiling height - 3 m. Parking Space in the underground Parking.

The Mosfilmovsky complex consists of seven multi-section buildings with floors of 7-22, two kindergartens and a school with a stadium. The facade is tiled with beige sand colors, decorated with inter-storey cornices. The basement is decorated with red brick, entrance groups-granite and marble. On the underground level is equipped with Parking. The territory of the complex is 13.05 hectares and is a guarded and fenced yard with playgrounds, numerous flower beds and alleys, the design of which is developed by high-class specialists.

Not far from the LCD "Mosfilmovsky" are the legendary Botanical garden of Moscow state University and the Park of the 50th anniversary of October.
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