Sale Apartments, Total area 62.09 m2, 5 Floor, Residential Complex Kleinhouse, Krasnoselskaya Nizhn ul 35

Name of residential complex
Primary market
Year built
Type of building
Monolith brick
Floor number
Fenced area
Object Description

Sale the loft apartments with a total area of 62.09 sq.m. on the 5th floor in ZhK Kleinhouse (Klein a house).

Kleinhouse the place for really creative, modern, active and successful people who change vital space for themselves and the way of life. The huge windows and high ceilings filling the house with light give feeling of free space which so is not enough in the megalopolis.

The six-storied building will be included by 135 apartments from 15 to 120 sq.m. Height of ceilings will be from 3 to 5 m. On any floor the placement of two-level lofts is possible (any room in coordination with the builder can be equipped with the second level - the Mezzanine).

Residents of a new complex will be able to use virtual the concierge service by means of whom it will be possible to solve any household problems. In the internal square the platform for rest will be created. The space of the courtyard will be decorated with the tower with hours executed in style of the London arkhitekturna of the 19th century.

The building is built in 1914 on the project of one of the most peculiar Russian architects of a turn of the 19-20th centuries, R.I. Klein. For quarter of the century it executed about one hundred projects. The Museum of fine arts in Moscow (Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts of A.S. Pushkin) became the main business of life of Klein.

ZhK KleinHouse is located in Basmanny district which differs in the developed infrastructure. Within walking distance of ZhK KleinHouse there are shops, business centers, kindergartens, schools, children's policlinic, policlinic for adults, the center of education, cafe, restaurants, Lokomotiv stadium and many other things.

The loft apartments are located in close proximity to Sadovyi and the Third Ring Road.

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