Sale Residential, Total area 166.9 m2, 10 Floor, Residential Complex Реномэ, Novoslobodskaya ul 24A

Name of residential complex
Primary market
Year built
Type of building
Monolith brick
Floor number
Inderground parking

Object Description

The PENTHOUSE with a total area of 166.90 sq.m with the operated roof of 76.1 sq.m. (2nd section) in the Elite House of RENOME is offered to your attention.

The elite House of RENOME is a modern house of a premium class in the historic center of Moscow. The beautiful general architecture from the known bureau ADM, is famous for the houses in style of modern European luxury.

RENOME is ideal for families with children of any age. There is the Children's club. From club it is possible to go to the spacious Yard for games under the open sky of 640 sq.m. For adults the place in the sun the Landscape yard is provided.

In each apartment is available wardrobe, video on-door speakerphones. Thanks to the qualitative sound insulation characteristic only of houses of a premium class, you will never hear neighbors. In the house the central system of compulsory ventilation and conditioning is installed, thanks to it in your apartment there will always be a fresh air and the comfortable atmosphere even with the closed windows. Completely closed territory with a throughput system will not allow to get into a complex the stranger.

In the territory of a quarter the fashionable now concept in Europe the Yard without cars is implemented. Thanks to it all cars remain or on the internal parking, or on external streets. RENOME includes a lobby bar, a fitness studio with a zone for yoga and group occupations which works round the clock.

Arrangement in Tverskoy most convenient district. From noise of the main city streets it is fenced off by other houses. RENOME gives the chance in a few minutes to reach work, the best shops and the cultural centers of the capital.

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