Sale Apartments, Total area 54.2 m2, 3 Floor, Residential Complex Лофтэк (Loftec), Krasnoselskaya Nizhn ul 35 str 49

Name of residential complex
Primary market
Number of apartments
Year built
Type of building
Monolith brick
Floor number
Inderground parking
Fenced area

Object Description

pecial OFFER!!!FINISH as a GIFT and the SMART HOME as a GIFT!!! Selling Studio area 38.60 sqm on the 7th floor of a reconstructed concept loft LCD LOFTEC (Litec), located in the prestigious Basmanny district, CENTRAL administrative district of Moscow. A house in which world-class architecture lives in a historical context. And modern technologies and services form the inherent spirit of industrial lofts.

LOFTEC is the inspiration of architect Michael Graue. This is the first project of the German conceptualist in Russia.

And the best concept loft in his portfolio.

Created in the style of "urban chic", LOFTEC embodies everything for which Europe appreciates the German

architectural school.  

Brick walls and huge Windows refer us to industrial traditions. The choice of graphite clinker

emphasizes the status of the house. And architectonics, expressed in a special rhythm of panoramic stained glass Windows and balconies,

confidently declares before you a luxury concept loft.

The lobby is decorated in fine copper. Halls with a cafe area. Private courtyard with functional zoning and conceptual art objects —

residence under the open sky.

Panoramic glazing visually expands the space and fills the room with light.

All LOFTEC systems are connected via high-speed WiFi, which covers the territory of the house and yard.

Smartphone application allows you to pay for utilities and book a community center. Transfers

messages about the arrival of couriers and guests. Provides access to CCTV cameras and intercom.

Is a 5-minute walk from the metro Krasnoselskaya and Baumanskaya.

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