Sale Residential, Total area 120 m2, 4 Floor, Residential Complex Дом Россия, Sretenskiy br 61 str 2

Name of residential complex
Primary market
Year built
Type of building
Monolith brick
Floor number
Fenced area

Object Description

Apartment in the legendary apartment building of the insurance company Russia.

The apartment is preserved stucco 1902 on the ceiling, pre-revolutionary parquet and a unique fireplace in working condition. The ceiling height is 3.7 meters. Apartment for finishing. The entrance is in excellent condition. Parking in the yard under the barrier. Walk 2 minutes to three metro stations.

This house is a Palace, fortress House (the width of the walls about a meter) occupies an entire block and has multiple addresses. The two buildings are connected by an elegant wrought-iron fence. This huge building, which occupies an entire block, was built in 1899-1902 by architects A. I. von Gauguin and N. M. Proskurin for the insurance company "Russia". The forged fence with the emblem of the society was designed by O. V. Dessin.

The General style of the building is eclectic with elements of neo-Renaissance and modern.

This house just can not fail to attract attention.

Here lived mostly privileged intellectuals-academician Fersman, chemist Kurnakov, actor Khmelev, ophthalmologist researcher Averbach and many other officially recognized geniuses of the Soviet Union.
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