Sale Residential, Total area 122.9 m2, 15 Floor, Residential Complex ЛИЦА, Aviakonstruktora Sukhogo ul 2k2

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Object Description

Sale of the apartment in a new multipurpose complex with the ZhK "Persons" hi-tech service.

ZhK are two 24-storey cases, united by the general three-storyed stilobat with a 3-level underground parking. The building is located within walking distance from the metro station of CSKA. Composite solutions of facades are sustained in vanguard style, cases form the spacious courtyard.

The parking calculated on 900 parking places and a uniform lobby are provided with the intellectual system of identification, function of recognition of the floor is provided in elevators. The internal Internet providing access to numerous services is integrated into the building of a complex: express delivery, service of concierges, order of a dinner, taxi call.

The courtyard represents the protected space with landscape and park design. Here cafes with a summer verandah, a universal athletic field with bicycle tracks and the mini-football field, open Wi-Fi movie theater, the entertainment game center, the platform for a game in chess, a recreation area, a stage for a skateboarding, the playground are located. More Hide