Sale Residential, Total area 81.9 m2, 2 Floor, Residential Complex Форт Кутузов, Davydkovskaya ul 18

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Object Description

One-bedroom apartment for sale in the residential complex "Fort Kutuzov". The apartment is open-plan, without finishing. The apartment has three Windows. There are no interior partitions. One of the options for the layout of the apartment, according to which there is a trace on the floor: kitchen-living room, two separate bedrooms, hall, dressing room, 2 bathrooms. Loggia with views of the courtyard.

Residential complex "Fort Kutuzov" - a house built on an individual project, equipped with modern engineering and technical facilities and systems, the functionality and performance of which provides its own service operation of the residential complex. The facade of the building is decorated in light and dark brown tones of coffee with milk and chocolate along with huge Windows creating the illusion of floating buildings in the air. The interior decoration of the public areas abounds in luxury. The first floor is occupied by a winter garden with fragrant flowers and exotic plants. The territory is landscaped and guarded around the clock. In the yard there are playgrounds for children and a cozy square with a fountain and benches for parents, sports grounds, a children's playroom, walking paths. More Hide