Sale Residential, Total area 296.4 m2, 7 Floor, Residential Complex Советник, Dmitrovka B ul 75s2

Name of residential complex
Primary market
Year built
Type of building
Monolith brick
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Object Description

For sale penthouse with fireplace on the 7th floor of the historic mansion after a complete reconstruction in the LCD "Adviser". The presence of two terraces on two levels (One on the 7th floor + the roof of the house on the 8th floor.).

The penthouse is hidden from prying eyes – in the immediate surroundings there are no high-rise buildings. The floor-to-ceiling Windows of the luxurious two-light living room with a ceiling height of more than 6 meters overlook Bolshaya Dmitrovka. The open-air area offers views of the historic centre in all its splendour.

"ADVISER" - a modern club house in the walls of the historic mansion. The house is equipped with modern engineering systems and security system in accordance with the requirements for premium properties.

LCD "Adviser" is located in the center of the Tver district, a 10-minute walk from the Kremlin, on the corner of Kamergersky lane and Bolshaya Dmitrovka.

Elite project "Adviser" implemented in the framework of the reconstruction of the facade of the building of the early twentieth century apartment house Obukhova. The historic appearance of the building has been preserved. Subjected to a careful restoration of the façade, executed in the neoclassical style with modern elements. The interior of the entrance group is executed in the style of modern classics. Solid wood, marble, elegant forging, light colors, stucco elements. On the ground floor there is a gourmet restaurant and a shop.

You can get to the Park in just a few minutes, walking along the most beautiful streets of the capital: turning from Dmitrovka, through the Bolshoi theater square, Nikolskaya and Ilyinka, passing GUM and the Kremlin.

«ADVISER.» History, style, modern luxury.
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