Sale Apartments, Total area 31.5 m2, 2 Floor, Residential Complex современник, Mashkova ul 13

Name of residential complex
Primary market
Year built
Type of building
Monolith brick
Floor number

Object Description

Sale of an apartment with finishing and a TERRACE to the courtyard in the premium residential complex "Sovremennik", located in the immediate vicinity of Chistoprudny Boulevard, a few minutes ' walk from the famous Moscow theater of the same name. THE HOUSE IS READY! POPULATED!

Apartment with an equipped bathroom and kitchen with built-in appliances.Fully furnished. Well-thought-out layout, zoning the space into the living room and bedroom.

The Sovremennik project is a restoration of a historical building built on Mashkov street in the early 19th century. Renovation guarantees a completely new level of apartment quality and creates conditions for comfortable living in a large metropolis.

The Sovremennik residential complex is designed for 86 apartments. All apartments are sold with finished finishes of the highest quality, will be equipped with bathrooms More Hide