Sale Building, Total area 3620 m2, 1 Floor, Samokatnaya ul 1 str 21, District Lefortovo

Type of building
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Object Description

The building by the total area of construction of the beginning is offered 20 centuries to your attention intended for placement of spinning mill and was designed with the assistance of the famous architect K. Tersky and his pupil F. Schechtel.

Internal planning solutions it is the classical American loft. The walls of a red brick, large windows, huge spaces occupying practically all floor, multimeter ceilings, the bared supporting structures and communications. All communications in massive metal boxes are displayed outside and fancifully intertwine on a ceiling, as well as it is necessary in the real industrial interior.

The territory is broken into several independent well-planned sections which borders are recorded by stone fencings. Also the small front garden in the southern part of the building with an oak Pyotr's age-mate 1 remained.

The area of the land plot, sq.m. of 3374 sq.m

the Area of a spot of building, sq.m of 1338.3 sq.m

the Total area of the building, sq.m of 3620 sq.m

Breakdown of total area on rented, public rooms, technical rooms and other auxiliary rooms:

The Total area of the parking rented by 3620 sq.m of the public Room of 475 sq.m Technical rooms of 115.4 sq.m, sq.m., the number of mom of the 36th mom

the Fenced territory.
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