Sale Retail space, Total area 87 m2, Mitinskaya ul 36, District Mitino

Year built
Type of building
Жилой дом
Object Description

The trade room with a total area of 87 sq.m. is offered to your attention. Rooms are located on intersection of the main transport arteries in the center of the region of trade activity and an inhabited array with the population of 200,000 people.

The arrangement on the first line of Mitinskaya Street at the output from the Mitino subway with a passenger traffic of 54,000 people in day, does this offer unique.


of the Room are located at the busiest intersection of the area and in

the center of its trade activity

the Developed area infrastructure

In a radius of 1 kilometer three large shopping centers are located:

The ark, total area is 8,500 sq.m.

of Mitino, total area is 9,000 sq.m.

The boat, total area is 26,000 sq.m.

In 700 meters the residential quarter Life-Mitinsky, and in 1000 meters

Apart YES hotel is located. In 2016 the complexes will be put into operation that

will increase pedestrian traffic at least by 5,000 people a day.

The main advantages

High pedestrian and automobile traffic

Big modern show-windows and an advertizing surface

the Separate entrance to each room

High ceilings of 3.1 m

Modern engineering systems

Two rooms are equipped with all necessary communications under


the Convenient parking

of Sohn of unloading

the Area with high purchasing power

Perfectly is browsed from all exits from


Modern engineering

Supply and Exhaust Ventilation Conditioning systems

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