Sale Commercial building, Total area 3633 m2, 1 Floor, Delegatskaya ul 7s1, District Tverskoy

Year built
Type of building
Mansion/Standalone building
Floor number
Object Description

We offer a luxurious mansion in a classic style, located in a green Park area in CAO, Moscow, on Delegate street, metro Dostoevskaya, Novoslobodskaya - 5-7 minutes walk. Engineering equipment and level of interior decoration of the mansion meets the standards for office buildings of class A. the Total area of the object 3633,3 m2. Four office floors and a working basement. The mansion has a high-quality finish, mixed layout, there are dedicated areas for management, conference room, meeting rooms and Lounges. Dedicated electrical capacity of 460 kW. Air conditioning system and modern supply and exhaust ventilation system. Fiber-optic communication lines. Mixed layout. Separate entrance, Number of separate entrances - 2.

In 2006, a major reconstruction of the mansion was carried out. The mansion houses a lounge bar and a restaurant with a summer terrace.

Transport accessibility is provided by the proximity of the Olympic Avenue, Dolgorukovskaya street and the Garden ring. Ground Parking of the mansion is designed for 7-8 m/m.
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