Sale Retail, Total area 429 m2, 1 Floor, Petrovka ul 19, District Tverskoy

Type of building
Administrative building
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Sale from the owner!

Unique location and environment! Famous shopping corridor-1st line of houses on Petrovka street-historical center of the city! High-intensity pedestrian traffic up to 2,500 people / hour.

Layout-open (free), area of the 1st floor-117 m2, ceiling height 4.4 m., area of the 2nd floor-219.7 m2, ceiling height 3.8 m., basement area-92.3 m2, ceiling height 2.8 m; floors W / b, walls-brick.

All Central city communications. Any use! Electricity is available on request. Condition of the room - with interior decoration. The building is NOT subject to demolition and / or relocation. Possible round-the-clock operation-24 hours. Free Parking (m/m) along the neo facade.

BCEL office. YES from 29.05.2019 for 7 years. Indexation of 5%. 40 kW.

Rental business, map: 1,850,000 rubles.

Sale: 290,000,000 rubles.
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