Rent Office, Total area 755 m2, 2 Floor, Guryanova ul 30, District Pechatniki

Name of residential complex
Type of building
Business center
Floor number

Object Description

Office rent 755 m2 open plan. Free layout, panoramic Windows. 2 separate inputs with the ability to separate streams. 1st line of houses, view of the Moscow river. Round the clock security and video surveillance, access control. High-speed Internet, unlimited telephone lines, 2 independent providers.

Modern engineering systems, Central heating system, supply and exhaust ventilation system

Convenient access to the complex, bus stop at the complex.

Multifunctional complex, consisting of several areas, including: fitness area and trade and administrative zone. The total area of 15 000 m2. On the ground floor and the basement there are commercial premises. Office space occupies the second and third floors of the building, with panoramic Windows and terraces. Open floor plans. Convenient access to Lublin street, Volgograd Avenue and the Third transport ring. More Hide