Sale Retail, Total area 35.1 m2, 1 Floor, Pyatnitskaya ul 312 ctr 5, District Zamoskvoreche

Type of building
Mansion/Standalone building
Floor number
Object Description

Sale of a ready-made rental business.

Tenant "Natura Siberica" - a chain of organic and natural cosmetics stores.

Long-term lease agreement for 5 years, rent 804,150 rubles per month, USN, utilities and electricity are paid by the tenant separately transaction Scheme: real estate purchase and sale agreement (DCPN).

Super-intensive pedestrian traffic: at the intersection of Pyatnitskaya street with Klimentovsky lane over 6,500 people/hour, along the facade along Klimentovsky lane over 3,500 people / hour. High advertising potential, places for placing signs. Unique location and surroundings of the historical and business center, commercial corridor, next to the premium and business residential sector. In the immediate vicinity is the Tretyakov gallery, within walking distance of the Kremlin, the hotel "Baltschug Kempinski". More Hide