Sale Commercial building, Total area 1579 m2, 4 Floor, Bakhrushina ul 25 c 2, District Zamoskvoreche

Year built
Type of building
Mansion/Standalone building
Floor number
Object Description

FROM THE OWNER ! Sale NEOS "Bakhrushin 2/5 S2" !

The mansion is located on 1 line of houses, has its own territory.

The building is a high-quality repair. There is a separate unit for the head, equipped with professional appliances kitchen.

Decoration of common areas of the office center is made of high quality and modern materials. The building is equipped with the latest air conditioning systems and ventilation.

Dedicated power 125 kW.

Land plot, 7 acres leased for 49 years, since 2005

Near the business center "Bakhrushina 2/5 with 2" is equipped with a separate ground Parking for employees of the business center, 5-6 cars .

Simplified tax system (no VAT).

The scheme of the transaction — depending on the conditions.