Sale Retail, Total area 855.6 m2, 1 Floor, Paustovskogo ul 5 str 1, District YAsenevo

Type of building
Floor number
Object Description

Sale of a rental business with an area of 855.6 m2 in the center of the district in a residential building on the 1st line. 1st floor. 4 separate entrances. The ceiling height is 3.9 m. the Layout is open. The room is renovated. Window glazing. Modern engineering system. Electric power 100 kW.

Developed infrastructure. High road and pedestrian traffic. Dense residential area. Parking ground spontaneous in front of the facade, the existing commercial environment.

Tenants: supermarket "Right," pharmacy "of Stolicky" ,"the Magnet of Kosmetik".

Map: 1 735 000.

The payback period is 8.5 years.