Rent Office, Total area 4120.28 m2, 5 Floor, Varshavskoe sh 9 s5, District Donskoy

Type of building
Business center
Floor number

Object Description

Rent office area of 4 m2 120,28 Studio. 5th floor business center class " B+ "in the loft-quarter"Danilovskaya Manufactura". High ceilings up to 4.5 m. Finishing. Loss factor-5%. Developed infrastructure.

BC "Meshcherin" flagship project "Danilovskaya Manufactura". This is the largest building in area among all the buildings of the loft quarter of DC. The facade overlooks the Novodanilovskaya embankment and is a kind of hallmark of the project. The historical appearance of the building is fully preserved and organically inscribed in the architecture of modernity. Interior decoration and engineering networks updated. The building has a General ventilation system, security, access control. Along the building and in the quarter there are Parking spaces. The nearest metro station Tulskaya-no more than 10 minutes on foot.

VAT. Operating costs are included in the rental rate.
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