Sale Retail, Total area 398 m2, 1 Floor, Monakhovoy Aleksandry 92k1, District Sosenskoe

Type of building
Floor number
Object Description

Sale of commercial premises with a tenant, an area of 398 m2 in a new residential complex on the street Alexandra Monakhova. 15 minutes walk from the metro Buninskaya Alley. 1 line homes. Open plan, separate entrance showcase Windows on the facade. Electric power 80 kW. Parking in front of the facade. The room has a great advertising potential. The room is located in the center of a large residential area.

Tenant: Miratorg food chain, long-term contract for 10 years from December 2018.

Annual indexation of 5%.

Map 800 000 roubles, the rent is increased gradually, there is a reference to the trade.

Gap 9 600 rubles.

Payback of 8.5 years.