Sale Multi-purpose, Total area 56.1 m2, 1 Floor, Nizhegorodskaya ul 32 s3, District Taganskiy

Year built
Type of building
Residential (new building)
Floor number
Object Description

Sale of premises for free use with a total area of 56.1 m2 on the 1st floor of the LCD Loft FM. 7-storey modern complex of business class apartments. 2 minutes by transport from the metro Roman and Ilyich Square, 4 minutes by transport from the metro Taganskaya. The 1st line of a busy highway in CENTRAL Moscow. 15-20 minutes walk to the station MCC  «Nizhegorodskaya». Ceiling height 3.8 m. Functional layout. Developed infrastructure of the region.

Deadline: II quarter of 2020.