Sale Office, Total area 2883.5 m2, 20 Floor, Leningradskiy prkt 39 s80, District KHoroshyevskiy

Name of residential complex
Year built
Type of building
Business center
Floor number
Object Description

Sale of rental business consisting of 3 floors (19, 20 and part of the 2nd floor) and 23 Parking spaces in the underground Parking in the tower B of the Skylight business center. Area office part 2 883,5 m2. Ceiling height is 3.6 m. the Thickness of the slab is 0.3 m. the column spacing of 6,6x8,1 m and 6. 1x8. 1 m. Power of 127 W/m2. Repair is performed. 8 Elevator groups. Security, access system. 5-storey underground Parking. SkyLight – business center class "A" was commissioned in 2012 and is a two 27-storey functionally independent towers, United by a 5-storey stylobate and evacuation transition on the 22nd floor. The land on which is located the business center in the lease to 2063 g. the Building is located on the 1st line of Leningradsky prospect, 5 minutes walk from metro Airport.

Tenants: the premises are leased for long term (2021 – 2022) to three tenants.
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