Sale Multi-purpose, Total area 68.8 m2, 1 Floor, Krasnoprudnaya ul 26, District Krasnoselskiy

Type of building
Floor number
Object Description

Sale premises free appointment area of 68,8 m2 in a residential 9-storey building. 1st line of houses, 1st house from Krasnoselskaya metro station. The layout is free, floors W/b, ceiling height 2.9 m. the Unit is equipped with a bathroom and a metering device. Separate entrance from the facade to the block from the 1st line of Krasnoselskaya Lower street. All city utilities. Free Parking on the surrounding streets. Super intensive pedestrian traffic along the facade of the house, high traffic. Excellent visibility and accessibility. The room is visible from the intersection of Krasnoprudnaya, Upper Krasnoselskaya and lower Krasnoselskaya streets. High advertising potential and space for placing signs on the facade.