Sale Retail, Total area 90.8 m2, 1 Floor, Mendeleevskaya ul 32 k3, District Babushkinskiy rn

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Sale a room with an area of 90.8 m2, located on the 1st floor of a 16-storey residential building in line of sight from the metro Babushkinskaya. Ceiling height 2.7 m. Windows showcases 1 separate from the facade, 2 from the yard. 50 meters from the entrance to the metro Babushkinskaya, the station has a high traffic – about 88 thousand people a day. Near the metro station there is a public transport stop, through which there are about 20 routes. Dense residential development of multi-storey type. The population growth of the district is due to the commissioning of new residential complexes. Active pedestrian flows make the location of the object profitable and guarantee high attendance. Trading environment. Nearby are a pharmacy, grocery stores, pawnshop, coffee shop, pet store. Next door is a large shopping center "Condor". More Hide