Rent Retail, Total area 156.1 m2, 1 Floor, KHoroshevskoe sh 25 k 2, District KHoroshyevskiy

Year built
Type of building
Residential (new building)
Floor number
Object Description

Rent of commercial premises with total area 156,1 m2 located on the 1st floor of the LCD "Dynasty". Working on the project of the residential complex "Dynasty", we set a goal to find harmony. We wanted to capture the charm of the past era and weave it into the rhythm of the modern city, and nostalgia for the bright image of Moscow to make a reality of the present. Our source of inspiration is the time-tested canons of classical architecture, where every detail is impeccable and noble. At the same time, we live in the present and look to the future. We revive the attitude to each house as a work of art, preferring the true momentary whims of fashion. Closed territory. Concierge.