Sale Retail, Total area 261 m2, 1 Floor, Ostrovityanova ul 53, District Konkovo

Type of building
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Object Description

Sale of ready-made rental business, in a residential residential area, with a minimarket "Beans", the store has been operating for about 12 years. The room area is 261 m2. At this stage, the room is purchased from the DGI, the balance of the debt-12 000 061 rubles., this amount is already included in the total cost, the monthly payment of 500 000 rubles., the RTO of the store on average-6-8 million rubles. The building is located within walking distance from the metro station "Belyaevo". Intense steady walking. Ceiling height - 4 m al. power-43 kW. Private entrance. Display Windows. There is a loading / unloading area. Monthly rental flow 650 000 RUB Annual rental flow 7 800 000 RUB Yield 13.3 %. Payback of 7.5 years. Taxation the simplified tax system.