Sale Retail, Total area 1600 m2, 1 Floor, Valovaya ul 21 str 125, District Zamoskvoreche

Name of residential complex
Валовая 21к125
Year built
Type of building
Business center
Floor number
Object Description

Office building for sale, total area of 1,600 m2 located on 1-4 floors. Office part of the building: 913.6 sq. m. Commercial part of the building: (Dixie) 599.8 m2. Business center "Valovaya 21" is located a few hundred meters from the metro station "Paveletskaya" (no more than 4 minutes on foot), so in the immediate vicinity of it there is all the necessary infrastructure (banks, shops, cafes, etc.). Not far from the object there are transport interchanges of highways - the Garden Ring, which will allow your employees and customers to effectively use their time. Most of the premises of the business center has a fresh renovation, but at the request of the tenants they can be provided with premises without finishing. Air cleaning in the premises of the office center is carried out using centralized supply and exhaust ventilation, and a comfortable temperature regime is supported by split air conditioning systems. The mixed layout of the premises of the business center "Valovaya 21" allows you to comfortably accommodate employees in accordance with the organizational structure of the company. More Hide