Rent Office, Total area 224.2 m2, 3 Floor, Veshnyakovskiy 1y proezd 1 str 8, District Ryazanskiy

Name of residential complex
1-й Вешняковский проезд 7
Type of building
Business center
Floor number
Object Description

Rent office space with a total area of 224,20 m2 located on the 3st floor. The presence of the metro station "Ryazan Avenue" in walking distance from the business center "1st Veshnyakovsky 1 s 8" is an undeniable convenience for employees and their clients. The proximity to the office center of major highways (Ryazan Avenue) offers good opportunities for tenants to attract customers. In the business center "1st Veshnyakovsky 1 with 8" there are both premises with ready repair, and in the state of "shell&core" (without finishing). Thanks to the centralized air conditioning system and supply and exhaust ventilation, the temperature regime and the level of air purification in the premises meet the highest requirements. Effective use of space will allow a mixed layout of the office center. More Hide