Sale Retail, Total area 346 m2, 1 Floor, Michurinskiy prkt 26, District Ramenki

Type of building
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Object Description

Sale of premises for free use 346 sq. m. near the metro (1 line of houses). Separate entrance group on both sides (from the front part and from the yard). 1st floor of a multi-storey residential building. Densely populated residential area. Display doors and Windows. Large pedestrian and car traffic. Independent ventilation system. Power 82.6 kW. Environment: Sberbank, pharmacy, Dixie, household goods, sushi. The ceiling height is 4.7 meters. The price is 125,000,000 (one hundred and twenty-five million) rubles. Signed a lease agreement with Pyaterochka for 10 years. The rate is 1,000,000 rubles / month. The PAYBACK period is 10.4 years.