Sale Commercial building, Total area 459.3 m2, 1 Floor, Petrovka ul 34 str 1, District Tverskoy

Type of building
Mansion/Standalone building
Floor number
Object Description

Sale of a detached building. The complex consists of three historical buildings at the intersection of Petrovka street and Boulevard ring. The total area of the building Petrovka, 34 is 459.3 m2 (on floors 1 to 3 - 164,7 + 213,7 + 80,9 m2). The facade faces the first line of houses. Land plot of 478 m2 in a long-term lease from the city. The building is after major reconstruction. The premises are provided in a condition for finishing.

Dedicated electrical power of 240 kW. The functional purpose of the commercial and administrative offices, catering establishments.

Location: CAO Moscow municipal district "Tverskaya" Petrovka Street, 34, p. 1.

Nearest metro stations: "Chekhov" - 5 minutes on foot "Pushkinskaya" – 5 minutes on foot" Trubnaya " - 9 minutes on foot. More Hide