Sale Retail, Total area 39.8 m2, 1 Floor, Myasnitskaya ul 15, District Krasnoselskiy

Type of building
Floor number
Object Description

Sale of Street-retail premises of a commercial or any other free purpose (PSN) area of 39.80 m2 located on the 1st floor of a residential building. Layout-open (free), ceiling height: 1 floor-2.7 m. Floors - W/W. The room is prepared for finishing. New storefronts and entrances from the front of the house and from the courtyard. Each unit is equipped with a bathroom and electricity metering devices. Rent per month – (USN), utilities and electricity are paid by the tenant separately. Lease term: long-term contract. The amount of annual indexation, rental holidays and insurance Deposit are discussed. Scheme of transaction: the agreement of purchase and sale of real estate (GKN).