Sale Retail, Total area 440.8 m2, 1 Floor, Kashirskoe sh 622, District MoskvorecheSaburovo

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Sale of ready-made rental business. The total area of 440.8 m2 located on the 1st floor of a 5-storey residential building.1st line of houses on the "evening" side of Kashirskoye highway, 1st floor of a residential building, window glazing, the possibility of advertising on the facade of the building, El. power-40 kW, ceiling height-4 m., MGTS, Internet, ventilation and air conditioning system, all Central communications.

The premises are located near ground passenger transport stops, in a high traffic area, and in a densely populated residential area. The house is not included in the renovation program of Moscow.

Tenants: chain Store of chandeliers "Regenbogen": (long-term lease agreement from April 2013 to April 2019, with the possibility of prolongation).

Chain store of Kitchens "ZOV": (rent a room from September 2015; short-term lease agreement until April 2020, with subsequent extension).

Online Flower Shop: (rented premises from August 2013; short-term lease agreement until July 2020, with subsequent extension).

The landlord is located on the USN.

Tenants pay additional utility bills.

Total rental flow: 1,246,000 rubles per month.

Sale: 151 440 000 rubles.
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