Sale Retail, Total area 351.4 m2, 1 Floor, Kuusinena ul 15 korp 3, District KHoroshyevskiy

Type of building
Floor number
Object Description

Sale of ready-made rental business. The total area of the premises is 351.4 m2 located on the ground and basement floors of a residential building. The ground floor (actually the first) is 298.5 sq. m. the basement is 52.9 sq. m. (it can be used as an office).

1st line of houses, 1st floor and basement of a residential building, three separate entrances, window glazing, the ability to place ads on the facade of the building, MGTS, Internet, all Central communications, El. power - 60 kW.

The premises are located near ground passenger transport stops, in a zone of high pedestrian and automobile traffic, in a densely populated residential area. Environment-grocery stores Myasnov and rest, Pharmacy of the Capital.

Tenants: Hardware store (259 sq. m.): Rental flow - 440,000 rubles per month.

Chain store Vkusville (87 sq. m.): Rental flow-220 000 rubles per month.

Short-term lease agreements with the possibility of prolongation have been concluded.

Sale: 79,500,000 rubles( of which 32,000,000 rubles can be paid in installments from the city for 4 years).
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