Sale Commercial building, Total area 1600 m2, 1 Floor, Sovetskaya ul 26

Type of building
Mansion/Standalone building
Floor number
Object Description

Sale of NEOS. Total building area: 1,205. 7 m2

Non-residential , type-hotel.

Number of floors: 2 floors

Purpose: non- residential

Form of law: property

Land area: 1600 m2

Cadastral number: 77: 07:0018000:45

Form of right : lease until 2062

The building is an emergency , subject to reconstruction. In 2017, a GPZ was released.

Contracts for municipal supply from city suppliers have been concluded


* Heat supply -laying is underway .

* Water supply and Sewerage-provided.

* Telecommunications-provided.

* Dedicated power of 150 kW, completed and started in a separate grsch