Sale Retail, Total area 19.5 m2, 1 Floor, Fridrikha Engelsa ul 35 str 2, District Basmannyy

Type of building
Administrative building
Floor number
Object Description

Sale of a ready-made rental business. The premises are located in a densely populated area near the metro station “Baumanskaya", super-intensive pedestrian traffic along the premises, the existing shopping environment. Separate entrances from the facade.

Tenant: chain coffee shop "The coffee»

Contract term: 3 years

Rental rate: 450,000 ₽ / month

Yield: 9.2% per annum

Payback period: 10.9 years

Annual rental rate indexation 5%

The annual rental flow: 5 400 000 ₽

Sale of premises: 59,000,000 ₽