Sale Retail, Total area 800 m2, 1 Floor, Ozernaya ul 35, District TroparyevoNikulino

Type of building
Residential (new building)
Floor number
Object Description

Sale of rental business in the stylobate of the new residential complex "Picasso" (420 apartments) with high ceilings (7 meters) and a veranda. The allocated electric power is from 240 kilowatts. The hood is there, the shipment is in the back!

100 METERS TO OZERNAYA METRO STATION! Opposite 2 business centers and huge car traffic. The total area of 800 sq. m. first floor.

Tenants: Ostrov lounge, map - 400,000 rubles with a transition in a year to 450,000, Yandex shop, map 180,000 rubles, Hostel-300,000 rubles.

The vacant area is 250 meters, we will plant a restaurant most likely for 500,000.

The total map is currently 920,000 rubles + free area of 250 meters (500,000 rent), the total map will be 1,420,000 rubles.

Payback period is 10 years.

In the same BUILDING IS the Ozernay Mall shopping center: anchor tenant: Crossroads, Rigla pharmacy, Coral travel, RESO guarantee, Diana dry cleaning and many other tenants.

Sale price: 170 400 000 RUB
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