Sale Retail, Total area 668.4 m2, 1 Floor, Timiryazevskaya ul 25, District Timiryazevskiy

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Sale of a ready-made rental business. Total area 668.4 sq. m :213 m2 basement with Windows, 455.1 m2-1st floor with storefronts. The owner of the premises on the USN. All Central communications are carried out. The object has three entrances - two from the front of the building and 1 from the courtyard. The house is located on the 1st line, near Parking and public transport. Timiryazevskaya metro station is within walking distance. Neighbors-fur Atelier, landscape design Studio, Russian Post, Post Bank, 200m Sao Prefecture.


Basement: 213,3 m2 leased entirely to Yandex.Shop"; map: 150 thousand rubles, utility costs are compensated by the tenant

1st floor; 109.7 m2 online store "Wildberry"; map: 200 thousand rubles, utility costs are included in the bid

Ozone: 72 m2, map: 144,300 rubles. For sale: 17 316 000 rubles

4 Block 202.5 m2 (part of the room 37.9 m2 is occupied by " flower Shop")

Sale: 89,000,000 rubles.
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