Sale Retail, Total area 718.3 m2, 1 Floor, Novyy Arbat ul 5, District Arbat

Type of building
Administrative building
Floor number
Object Description

READY-MADE RENTAL BUSINESS. The first line of houses, a separate entrance from the street and two from the yard, showcase Windows. Beautiful building after complete reconstruction. The building is not a monument, and is not subject to demolition or relocation. First floor-91 m2, second floor-310 m2, attic-317 m2. The ceiling height of the first floor is 4.6 m, the second floor is 3.7 m, and the third floor is 4.8 m. the walls are brick, the floors are W/b. Electric power: 280 kW.

Tenant: McDonald's.

Map: 3,600,000 rubles.

Gap: 43,200,000 rubles. Indexation: 4.0%. YES for 15 years from 2019

USN. Scheme of transaction: the agreement of purchase and sale of real estate (GKN).

Cost: 575,000,000 rubles